Solution - "Your Login Name Has No Roles Assigned..."

Version 2



    When trying to open ArcFM Session Manager, you might see the following error:
    "Your login name has no roles assigned for the loaded extensions. See your administrator to get roles assigned."





    The login name used to log into ArcFM does not have the necessary roles assigned to access Session Manager.




    Use the Process Framework Administration Tool to add this user with the appropriate roles:

    1. Click Start and type Process Framework Administration Tool, which starts the application.
      (It is possible to install ArcFM without this tool. If it isn't installed, re-run Setup to add it.)
    2. Click the Users tab.
    3. If your user is not listed, click the Add button and type the User Name, Display Name, and Description.
    4. With the user highlighted, select the appropriate Roles available... checkboxes at the bottom of the window.
    5. Close the  Framework Administration Tool. You are prompted to save your changes.
    6. Restart ArcMap/ArcFM, after which these changes are available to the user.