How To - ArcFM - Disable ArcFM Without Uninstalling

Version 3



    There are (at least) two ways to disable functionality in ArcFM without uninstalling it. These two ways allow ArcGIS to open without the ArcFM login or toolbars.


    1. Disable the product through License Manager
      1. Close ArcGIS.
      2. Open the ArcFM Desktop Administrator: Start > All Programs > ArcFM Solutions > Desktop Administrator.
      3. On the Software Product tab, in the Software Product section, set both dropdowns - System and Current User - to the value <No Product>.
      4. Click the OK button and start ArcGIS to confirm functionality.


    1. Disable ArcFM through a registry edit

    If using the Desktop Administrator for each user is not feasible or if an administrator would like to script this change, it is possible to set a registry key instead. License check out is based on some registry key values that are set on a per-user basis. These keys are located in:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Miner and Miner\Desktop Manager\Products

    In this registry are five DWORD values:

      • <None>
      • ArcFM
      • ArcFM Viewer
      • Designer
      • Designer Express

    To activate a specific license, one of those 5 needs a value of 1 and the others need a value of 0. For example, to disable all ArcFM features, set <None> to a value of 1 and the rest to 0. This allows ArcGIS to open without ArcFM.