Solution - Designer - All Expected CUs Are Not Shown in the Change CU Utility

Version 9



    When the Change CU utility is run, all of the expected CUs are not available in the Select CU dialog. Change CU can be run by right clicking on a CU in the Targets tab or Design tab when a design is open in ArcMap. It is also available when editing a CU favorite in ArcMap or in the ArcFM Favorites Manager in ArcCatalog.




    CUs will only appear in Change CU when they have been added directly under a category in either System Favorites or Compatible Units using the ArcFM Favorites Manager. They will not be shown if they are only included in a CU favorite and are not directly under a favorite category.




    Follow the steps in this example to add the CU directly under a category in the CU favorites:


    1. Start ArcCatalog and connect to the database as SDE.
    2. Right click on the database and select ArcFM Favorites, or select the heart icon from the ArcFM Solution toolbar.
    3. Select the Compatible Units tab.
    4. Create a new category (or use an existing category) in either System Favorites or Compatible Units.
    5. Right click on the category and select Add CU from CU Library.
    6. Find the CU and double click on it to add it to the Selected list.

    7. Click OK. The CU is now directly under the Cable category.

    8. Click OK to save the favorites.


    Now when the Change CU utility is run in ArcMap, the CU will appear in the list in the Select CU dialog: