Solution - ArcFM - Model names missing and can't be assigned

Version 2


    When trying to configure ArcFM, a model name does not show up in the list of assignable model names.



    The various lists of assignable model names are all stored in various domains in the database. If a model name is missing, typically that means that you need to add that model name to the domain.


    Generally, all of the core ArcFM model names are either manually added or they are imported when the ArcFM database is first created. Occasionally we see some model names missing from the database, which usually indicates that the model name domains were created manually.


    There are a few different default model name domains that exist, and there are different ones for object-level and field-level model names.


    Default Object Model Name Domains:

    • Domain Independent Object Class Model Name
    • Electric Object Class Model Name
    • Gas Object Class Model Name
    • Designer Object Class Model Name
    • Customer Object Class Model Name
    • Water Object Class Model Name
    • Identify Tool Object Class Model Name
    • Fiber Object Class Model Name


    Default Field Model Name Domains:

    • Domain Independent Field Model Name
    • Electric Field Model Name
    • Gas Field Model Name
    • Designer Field Model Name
    • Customer Field Model Name
    • Water Field Model Name
    • Fiber Field Model Name



    Add the model name to the correct domain:


    1. Choose the domain best suited for the model name from the list above. For example, if I were missing the "DISTRIBUTIONMAIN" model name for my water data, I would choose the "Water Object Class Model Name" domain.
    2. Open ArcCatalog and log into the database as the main data owner of the domains. This is generally SDE, but may be different in your system.
    3. In ArcCatalog, open the domains dialog by right-clicking the database, choosing Properties, and then clicking the Domains tab.
    4. Scroll down to the domain that you chose in Step 1.
    5. On the bottom most area labeled Coded Values, scroll down to the very bottom of the list.
    6. Click in the blank row to add a value. Type the exact name as it appears in the ArcFM documentation. You can also type the same thing in the Description column, though this is optional.
    7. Click OK to save the changes.

    Your domain shows up when you go to assign it:


    More Info

    The actual domains that are usable in the Model Name Domain drop-down are controlled by two specifically named domains. Without these domains, you cannot assign ANY model names. It's not recommended that you modify these domains, but you can add domains to them if you wanted to create your own model name domains. These domains are:


    Object Class Model Name Domain

    Field Model Name Domain


    The coded values in these domains must match an existing domain in the database. For example, in the Field Model Name Domain, we can see all of the domains that are listed above: