Solution - ArcFM - Some inset frames failing to be drawn, with the "0 of x insets drawn" message showing instead

Version 3


    When plotting or previewing a map grid, occasionally your map insets aren't drawing correctly, and instead you see a "0 of x insets drawn" message in the space where the map inset should be. This problem is generally inconsistent and happens infrequently.



    This is usually caused by the Map Inset Frame's size being equal to the individual inset's size. This problem tends to happen when inset frames are big enough to show only a single map inset, in addition to when that map inset's frame size in the layout is exactly equal to the size of the individual map insets.



    Change the layout's map inset frame size to be slightly larger than the inset frame's size:

    1. Open the page template or stored document with the issue.
    2. Switch to the layout view if you're not in it already.
    3. Click the Select Elements tool on the toolbar.
    4. Double-click the inset frame to open Inset Frame Properties.
    5. On the Insets tab, note the values for Width and Height.
    6. On the Size and Position tab, set the width and height to be slightly larger than the values on the Insets frame.  This could be just a single decimal point difference.
    7. Save the page template.