How-To - ArcFM - Quickly verify model name and AU configuration through ArcCatalog

Version 3

    ArcCatalog tools for ArcFM

    Sometimes it is necessary to check that model names and autoupdaters are properly assigned, but manually going through every feature and field can be incredibly time consuming. Many customers don't know about some very useful ArcCatalog tools that allow you to quickly verify configurations and search for model names.


    These tools generally require that you have the Catalog Tree pane showing in ArcCatalog. If it's not showing, click Windows > Catalog Tree to re-display it. You can select different objects in the Catalog Tree and then view the relevant information through the Autoupdaters and Model Names tabs:



    Examining the configuration of an individual feature class/table

    You can see all model names, field model names, and autoupdaters assigned to an individual feature class. Simply select the feature class or table in the Catalog Tree, then click the Model Names tab or the Autoupdaters tab in the right pane.


    For Model names, you will see all of the Class-level model names assigned in the first list, and all of the Field-level model names assigned in the second list. For field model names, if a field has multiple model names assigned, it appears multiple times in the list, for each occurrence of a different model name. In the example below, the Nominal Diameter field has both the AT_PIPESIZE and PIPEDIAMETER model names assigned:


    For autoupdaters, you can see the various autoupdaters assigned at both the object level and the field level. It will show you the AUs assigned to each event (On Feature Create, Update, etc). You can also filter by subtype if you have some AUs assigned only to specific subtypes:


    Searching the database for specific AUs/Model names

    Sometimes it is necessary to see all of the objects to which a specific model name or AU is assigned. This is typically desired to confirm that things aren't improperly configured, but it's a useful tool in general to see how things are configured.


    For model names, you can search the entire database or just a specific dataset. Select the database or dataset in the catalog tree, then click Model Names tab on the right. You can select a model name to show you all of the features to which that model name is assigned. Keep in mind that, in general, you won't see a model name that is both a class level model name AND a field level model name, so you will only see results in one of the result lists. In the following example, there are a number of features with the Conductor model name assigned, such as the Busbar feature and Primary Overhead line segments. Since Conductor is not a field model name, there are no results in the Field Model Name results:


    For autoupdaters, you can also search for them, but it is restricted to a per-dataset search, and you can't search the entire database. Select a dataset in the Catalog Tree, click Autoupdaters, select the event you want to search for, and the AU. These searches may take a bit of time, since the data has to be pulled out of the MM_SYSTEM_PERSIST_INFO table. The results are organized by feature, and then list the different subtypes to which the selected AU is assigned. Generally, you see every subtype is listed unless you have a special configuration. In the example below, the ArcFM Feeder Cache Maintenance autoupdater is assigned to the On Feature Create event of a number of features, including the Bus Bar, Generator, Delivery Point:


    These tools help you to verify the correct configuration much more quickly than manually searching the entire database.