Solution - ArcFM - Empty Graphics Tab does not Allow Creation of New Categories

Version 5



    When the Graphics tab in the ArcMap Table of Contents doesn't contain any categories, the right-click menu is not available for adding a new Favorite Category to start creating a graphics library.




    This is caused by bug CLS-66221, Empty Graphics Tab does not Allow Creation of New Categories. This bug fix is being considered for a future ArcFM release.


    Work Around


    1. Save the attached graphics.xml file.
    2. Start ArcCatalog and connect to the database as the owner of the ArcFM system tables (usually sde).
    3. Right-click the database and select ArcFM Favorites. Alternatively, select the heart tool on the ArcFM toolbar.
    4. Select the Graphics tab.
    5. Right-click Graphics and select Import.
    6. Browse to the graphics.xml file saved in step 1, select it, and click Open. The graphics are imported.
    7. Click OK to save the graphics.
    8. Start ArcMap, load a stored display, and start editing.
    9. Select the Graphics tab.


    The imported categories are present, and the right-click menu is available for adding, editing, and deleting graphics Categories and Favorites.