Wavepoint 1.2 ReadMe

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    Wavepoint 1.2 Release Contents


    Wavepoint delivers your fiber network data via a lightweight web application. Use it to locate, view, and trace features in your network, as well as inspect connectivity and network design.



    Bug fixes in Wavepoint 1.2:

    • WP-863: Allow the option to number rack rows from bottom or from top.
    • WP-863: Recognize the number of columns in the rack (not just the number of rows), allowing more than one device or patch panel per row.
    • WP-863: Recognize the width of devices and patch panels when in the rack, so they may be accurately represented on the device.
    • WP-862: Map generated in the print is smaller than map displayed in the print preview.



    Upgrade Information


    All upgrade information is on exchange.


    Installation Instructions



    • Wavepoint 1.2 requires the installation of 10.2.1d for both ArcFM Server and ArcFM License Manager.
    • Wavepoint functionality requires ArcFM enabled services provided through the ArcFM Server Object Extension (SOE). These services can be enabled with the installation of ArcFM Server and an ArcFM Server or Services license.
    • You can use the Wavepoint setup or the ArcFM Server setup to install ArcFM License Manager 10.2.1d.
    • You must have a valid license to run Wavepoint 1.2.
    • Anti-Spyware applications must be disabled before installation to avoid interference with the installation. They may be restarted after installation is complete.


    Perform the following steps, in sequence, to install Wavepoint 1.2:

    1. Navigate to this page and extract everything in the zip file.
    2. Double-click the Microsoft installer file for this product.
    3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
    4. After installation is complete, open the Set ArcFM Server License Server or Set ArcFM Wavepoint License Server tool, installed in the Start menu, to point Wavepoint 1.2 to the correct license server.


    Known Issues

    • WP-340: Attributes are ordered differently in the 'details' and 'selection' panes.
    • WP-558: Circuit trace results does not display cable length information.
    • WP-566: Connectivity, OTDR and Coupler Sheet trace does not display "branch" icon when trace passes through a splitter.
    • WP-631: OTDR trace field shows units as feet, regardless of map units actually used.
    • WP-871: Interleave port information missing in connectivity trace results.




    The ArcFM Solution Resource Center offers the latest Using and Configuration Guides for each product. You can view this information before installing the latest release.