What's New in Wavepoint 1.2

Version 3

    What's New in 1.2?

    This page outlines what's new in the Wavepoint 1.2 client web application update. For additional release details, see the Wavepoint 1.2 Readme.


    System Requirements

    Ensure that your hardware and software meet the ArcGIS system requirements.

    Ensure that your hardware and software meet the ArcFM system requirements defined at the GIS Support place on exchange.

    Ensure that your machine is running Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9 and above.

    • When printing in browsers other than Internet Explorer 10 or 11, the formatted output may not appear nor print as expected.


    What's New in Wavepoint?

    • Circuit traces display Interleave splitter information.
    • Rack rows can be numbered starting from either the bottom or the top.
    • More than one device can be configured on a rack.


    Bugs Fixed

    • WP-863: Allow the option to number rack rows from bottom or from top.
    • WP-863: Recognize the number of columns in the rack (not just the number of rows), allowing more than one device or patch panel per row.
    • WP-863: Recognize the width of devices and patch panels when in the rack, so they may be accurately represented on the device.
    • WP-862: Map generated in the print is smaller than map displayed in the print preview.


    Known Issues

    • WP-340: Attributes are ordered differently in the 'details' and 'selection' panes.
    • WP-558: Circuit trace results does not display cable length information.
    • WP-566: Connectivity, OTDR and Coupler Sheet trace does not display "branch" icon when trace passes through a splitter.
    • WP-631: OTDR trace field shows units as feet, regardless of map units actually used.
    • WP-871: Interleave port information missing in connectivity trace results.