The ArcFM Solution Overview

Version 1

    Telvent's ArcFM™ product suite adds value to ArcGIS®, ESRI's market-leading geographic information systems software. Our business partner ESRI established itself as a market leader with the 1991 release of ArcView geographic information system (GIS) and in 1997, embarked on an ambitious research project to reengineer all of its GIS software as a series of COM (Component Object Model) objects.


    With the release of ArcGIS, users could benefit from the most powerful and comprehensive set of GIS and mapping software options available. Telvent and ESRI have dedicated themselves to continued development to maintain ArcGIS's role as the world's leading enterprise GIS platform.

    Designed for electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities, Telvent applications gain leverage for enterprise GIS through the use of open technology. Three key components of this strategy are the Open Development Environment, Open Databases, and COM technology. All Telvent application software for the utility takes advantage of this object-oriented architecture and provides for fully networked solutions in a client-server environment.


    With Telvent's ArcFM enterprise solution, utility businesses can edit, view, map and manage spatial data in a multi-utility context. Its integrated environment and scalable architecture offer a solution for both project GIS and large multi-departmental businesses, providing the capability to access and use data that reside anywhere on the network.


    Our products help utilities produce more accurate and efficient designs, turn around projects faster, and maintain data more effectively. The tools available include easy-to-use desktop interfaces, as well as sophisticated client/server software with a programmable Application Programming Interface (API). The ArcFM suite was developed using VB6, C++ and C#, these languages can also be used for customization and extension of the applications