ArcFM Web 4.8.1 ReadMe

Version 4

    ArcFM Web is built on HTML5 and JavaScript. This modern web technology has great cross-platform capabilities, allowing ArcFM Web to work on all major devices and browsers. For most customers, ArcFM Web can be a replacement for your current ArcFM Silverlight web viewer.


    New functionality is described in What's New in ArcFM Web 4.8.1.



    The following are the bug fixes in ArcFM Web 4.8.1:


    • ESS-441: Items selected via trace results do not show data links
    • ESS-466: Results disappear after closing and re-opening the results panel.
    • ESS-467: Total number of trace results per layer is displayed twice in the list view.
    • ESS-465: Next layer button not visible in the trace results table.



    • GE-9094: Use Bing Maps RESTful services rather than SOAP services
    • GE-6972: Report doesn't include datalink data if the field used as a parameter in the SQL query is of type esriFieldTypeGlobalID
    • GE-6972: Subreport cannot retrieve data from Data Link if the link field is a Global ID field
    • GE-9070: Sites won’t load when FIPS compliance enabled.
    • GE-7029: Support web tiled layer services with alternate tile schemes
    • GE-8945: Improve performance when refreshing map service tokens from the same ArcGIS Server
    • GE-7653: Incorrect handling of data link date fields when generating chart images
    • GE-8368: Unable to print/export time aware WMS services if time slider profiles are configured
    • GE-8461: Viewers are unable to search for ArcGIS Online service by URL
    • GE-8585: Extract operation does not populate fields of type "esriFieldTypeGlobalId"
    • GE-8659: Offline geodatabase can be corrupted when syncing secured services
    • GE-8672: Unable to print/export Google Web Tile services
    • GE-8817: Get Layer Info By Property workflow activity does not include “oidFields” property of dynamic layers
    • GE-8819: Print and export operations fail if there is an unsupported service type rather than just excluding the problem service
    • GE-8844: Unable to use search tables that return null values from certain databases
    • GE-8896: Bitmap not correctly disposed in certain print operations
    • GE-8548: Excessive logging in workflows can lead to high CPU usage
    • GE-8551: Unable to refresh access tokens for ArcGIS Online/Portal



    • GE-8138: Czech characters are not displayed properly on Data Store Policies page
    • GE-9051: Language pack files with self-closing elements are not parsed correctly
    • GE-8930: TiffDecoder.js 404 prevents preview from loading for certain image server services
    • GE-8958: Default Output Format value overrides output format for large-format print jobs
    • GE-8979: Cannot create or edit base map groups
    • GE-8189: Instant Search page can log user out
    • GE-8302: 3rd party “New Relic” usage tracker breaks rich text editors
    • GE-8669: Unable to add GeoRss services that provide dates in a format that does not match the feed specification
    • GE-8681: Instant Search progress can get stuck in pending state
    • GE-8686: Unable to add map service to a site if it is the only map service and it does not define an extent
    • GE-8697: Manager should not present GeoTiff as a print template output format
    • GE-8306: Removing the overview map causes printing to fail
    • GE-8324: Time slider Profile delete confirmation title is missing
    • GE-8494: Unable to submit HTML format strings as Search Table feature descriptions



    • CORE-2699: Collaboration is slow to push room updates on three node clusters



    • GE-8903: Missing documentation for Get Feature Layer Info Updates activity
    • GE-8630: Workflow forms containing data items with NaN values fail with JSON parsing error
    • GE-8785: Get Current User activity can contain whitespace in user names
    • GE-8887: GeometryType is not parsed correctly for dynamic query table layer sources
    • GE-8946: SearchTable Parameter Query activity does not correctly handle character encodings


    HTML5 VIEWER 2.9

    • GVH-10465: Query/Filter tools show all layers from all layer themes upon site load
    • GVH-12602: “Follow Me”/”Track Me” throws an error shortly after being invoked on an iPad
    • GVH-14602: Toolbar button displayed when toolbar is open on startup
    • GVH-14635: Layer loading notification occasionally does not appear
    • GVH-15058: Feature disappears when editing from the feature actions menu in the results list or from Map Tip link
    • GVH-15570: ConfigDomain issues following viewer upgrader to GVH 2.8.x
    • GVH-15385: Unable to load site when signed in, with Insight/Analytics module enabled
    • GVH-12582: Creating related tabular data fails if table not published in map service
    • GVH-13749: When entering text into a textarea, the cursor jumps to the end
    • GVH-14247: Selected file window does not close after trying to add a file to Collaboration room with Microsoft Edge
    • GVH-14279: Unable to create related spatial features
    • GVH-14469: Random legend labels displayed in layer list after user re-symbolizes dynamically added layers
    • GVH-14471: WMS layers are displayed initially when added through the AssemblyProvider Layer Catalog
    • GVH-14519: Geolocation time-out error on iOS 10.3 and 10.3.1
    • GVH-14900: Cannot click command hyperlinks in feature set view in IE 11 and Firefox
    • GVH-14984: Filter Builder clauses stack when user presses “Filter” button multiple times without any intervening events
    • GVH-14998: Data frame resize button (handle) is missing on startup
    • GVH-15014: Setting results list to use Feature Description has no effect – Feature Long Description is always used
    • GVH-15019: Zoom upon geolocation no longer works
    • GVH-15041: Images in the results list have unexpected formatting applied
    • GVH-15081: Images not displayed in Display Form
    • GVH-15090: Opening and closing the Panel Actions Menu prevents use of Map Tips
    • GVH-5169: Display Capture Geometry default type not shown as active
    • GVH-5679: Null reference when using geocortex.request on a secured site and content is not specified
    • GVH-5860: Results Table Tab arrows off center in Firefox, IE 8, 9, 10
    • GVH-6746: Toolbar arrow button should not be displayed if number of tools in toolbar is less than number of tools to display
    • GVH-7788: Long related feature title tabs overlapped in expanded view
    • GVH-8013: Markdown form item contents do not appear in Handheld shell
    • GVH-8134: Map clicks sometimes do not register or have a long delay in Chrome
    • GVH-8427: Font used in Print Map difficult to read in Chrome/IE
    • GVH-8796: Query value field width shrinks to an unusable width when a large field name exists
    • GVH-9339: Cannot resize table results view as expected by dragging on edge of table
    • GVH-9828: ‘Create new Feature’ view remains with ‘no editable field’ error after deleting feature
    • GVH-9883: Text in Data Region is double-spaced in IE
    • GVH-10416: Feature hyperlinks convert hyperlink text replacement tokens into an “&” command
    • GVH-10455: Long URL in feature description causes squished feature details view
    • GVH-10482: Offline basemap options do not align properly in manager
    • GVH-10670: Layer List folder still appears in Layer List view when permissions restrict access to layers
    • GVH-10693: Bottom of text in map tip title is cut off
    • GVH-10813: Layer’s legend appears in theme that does not have the layer available
    • GVH-10968: Border is overlapped with legend in legend page
    • GVH-11057: Mailto links don’t work in map tips
    • GVH-11287: Workflow returns to HomePanel after being run from HomePanel, without displaying results
    • GVH-11357: "Show Labels" in customize labels dialog doesn't align with checkbox
    • GVH-11363: Styling issue with portrait mode on iOS devices
    • GVH-11510: Styling issue with “Layer Added” confirmation message in Handheld shell
    • GVH-11590: Poor performance with table view and thousands of results
    • GVH-11790: Tab focus length overflows on time slider handles and data picker in FireFox
    • GVH-11832: Token not being refreshed for layer-secured map services
    • GVH-11840: Unable to use certain characters on Search Tables via the global search
    • GVH-11867: High memory usage after doing a few large identify operations
    • GVH-12004: Incorrect tab title when multiple anonymous feature sets are selected from workflow
    • GVH-12020: Heat map enabled on uploaded data features becomes opaque in loaded project
    • GVH-12024: Layer Addition: Feature layers from ArcGIS Online cannot be saved and restored correctly via save project
    • GVH-12107: Multiple export calls made by viewer on startup
    • GVH-12157: Can’t identify layers added via layer catalog that have minimum scale set to zero
    • GVH-12195: NVDA screen reader does not read row description in the debug menu
    • GVH-12227: Cannot customize labels when service is token secured
    • GVH-12245: Global Search only works if unchecking “Give Precedence to Nearby Results”
    • GVH-12290: ViewManager.createView does not properly check for null
    • GVH-12302: Layer Catalog Assembly Provider: Possibly unhandled TypeError: Cannot read property 'mapServices' of null
    • GVH-12325: The buildEventBinding function does not check for null
    • GVH-12334: Color picker not available in Internet Explorer when customizing visualization
    • GVH-12354: User list appears in IE11
    • GVH-12356: Named anchor tags (fragments) are removed and root URL is loaded
    • GVH-12393: Search results can take a long time to display
    • GVH-12406: Transparency slider not restored properly when a project is opened
    • GVH-12497: Setting Display Time Zone causes site with time slider to fail to load
    • GVH-12551: Add layer URL overflow in IE11 and Edge
    • GVH-12620: Cannot type dates manually into the date picker
    • GVH-12751: Line layer legend swatch is at the bottom beside the layer text
    • GVH-12835: "Font Style" checkboxes in label customization are not aligned with their text
    • GVH-12896: Cannot pick seconds in DatePicker form items
    • GVH-12951: Default Geographic Coordinate System functionality broken
    • GVH-12973: Scale Override not respected when set in Layer Catalog
    • GVH-12975: Menus missing default icon
    • GVH-13099: Workflow loops, then fails, when changing container name in a sequence
    • GVH-13127: Closing time slider also closes the data region
    • GVH-13129: Number of results counted is inconsistent in Table view
    • GVH-13153: GeoRSS layers with default namespaces are not displayed by the viewer
    • GVH-13282: Layer List and Legend do not wrap long layer names
    • GVH-13333: Map tip appears while Edit tool is being activated
    • GVH-13513: Broken splash logo when local path used
    • GVH-13592: Splash screen moves around while viewer loads
    • GVH-13639: Setting Line Width has no effect in Layer Visualization
    • GVH-13732: Identify operation incorrectly warns that “Feature Set Collection does not exist”
    • GVH-13829: Cannot re-add features to results list that you previously removed
    • GVH-4200: Remove calls to deprecated FileError API
    • GVH-12262: Session expiry warning appears for ArcGIS Online/Portal (requires Essentials 4.6.3)
    • GVH-12472: Last tool in the list can't display on the compact toolbar
    • GVH-12480: Maximum call stack size exceeded when using the time slider
    • GVH-12596: Geocortex Bookmarks stops working after clearing cache in Chrome 54
    • GVH-12696: Load/Save Projects not working after clearing cache in Chrome 54




    Upgrade Information


    Upgrade information is in the ArcFM Web 4.8.1 Installation and Configuration Guide.


    Installation Instructions


    Installation information is in the ArcFM Web 4.8.1 Installation and Configuration Guide.


    Known Issues

    • ESS-410: Coded value fields do not resolve for all field when using map services that contain Feeder Manager 2.0 joins.
    • ESS-445: Upgrading ArcFM Web from 4.6.2 to 4.8.1 does not upgrade all viewer styling successfully.


    To view additional ArcFM Web 4.8.1 known issues, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Geocortex Support Center.
    2. If you do not already have an account, request an account to allow you access.
    3. Select the Geocortex Essentials link in the upper right corner.
    4. Use the search functionality to find "Essentials 4.8 Known Issues."




    ArcFM Web 4.8.1 Installation and Configuration Guide

    Geocortex Essentials Installation Guide

    Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 Administrator and Developer Guide