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    ArcFM XI and Utility Network Sessions at GeoConX!


    We hope to see you in Chicago at Esri’s GeoConX Conference!

    You’ll find us at booth #302, just inside the entrance. We’ll also be hosting a number of sessions to help you better understand what’s coming in the ArcFM Solution XI Series, as well as preparing for the Utility Network at your own pace and budget.


    Mark your calendars:

    A First Look at Implementing the Utility  Network
        Truckee Donner, a California electric utility, will take a deep dive into the lessons learned from its early-adopter     efforts to implement the Utility Network. Thursday, September 7, 10:15 am


    Building Your ArcFM XI
        Our plan to get you to the Utility Network and the ArcFM Solution XI Series at your pace, with the least amount of disruption and maximum value-add. Friday, September 8, 8:30 am


    What’s coming in the ArcFM XI Solution Series for the Utility Network
        This session is by invitation only. Contact your Account Executive to secure your spot.

    There will be a lot of fun, too! Join us for an evening dinner cruise on Lake Michigan. We depart Navy Pier at 7:00pm on Wednesday night; great food, drinks and socializing will be provided!


    Swing by booth #302 to get your questions answered firsthand, schedule a  demo or private meeting, or to pick up your pass for the cruise. If you book a  private meeting, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win an Apple  Watch!
    We are proud to be a top-level Emerald Sponsor of this great event. To get all of the details, including session times and location, special events and more, check out the GeoConX  page on the Exchange. See you in Chicago!


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    Questions, Approaches to Migrating to ArcFM Editor XI and the Utility Network


    As utilities think about and prepare for the Utility  Network, questions and concerns are swirling. No matter your timeline for adoption, some of the most thought-provoking questions and conversations have  been around the data migration process. For instance:

    • How is my schema going to change?
    • How are some of my related records going to be migrated to spatial features?
    • How is my connectivity model going to be configured?
    • How is my organization going to be trained to use this new functionality?
    • How do we plan for such a large-scale endeavor?


    We are working closely with Esri to truly understand what it means for an ArcFM customer to migrate to ArcFM Editor XI and the Utility Network. Although the Utility Network has not been officially released, we are planning to release an alpha of ArcFM Editor XI, in addition to our sample data. This will help you get another migration perspective and try out ArcFM Editor XI alongside it.

    To do this, we are extending the core Esri Utility Network  model with our industry-experienced data model and capabilities, and we’re building this extension as an asset package that can be easily deployed as a Utility Network.

    To  learn more about why we’re taking this approach and what it provides for you, check  out this blog post on Exchange


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    Get Enhanced Network Visualization with the New Responder Integration Framework!


    You rely on ArcFM Responder to provide critical information to  dispatchers during an outage; help them to decide how to prioritize needs, where to send crews, and ultimately the best path for restoring power.

    But what if you could expand your picture of the network during an  outage, making it more visual and complete?

    The new Responder Integration Framework (RxIF) delivers a near real-time visualization of your distribution network. By leveraging external systems such as AMI, SCADA, CIS and IVR to pull in customer and network information, RxIF provides enhanced outage prediction and incident management; minimized data entry requirements; and more accurate reporting to regulatory agencies.

    RxIF has powerful pre-processing functionality to  minimize impacts on Responder. Plus, its components may be deployed “a la  carte,” giving you the information you need at the right times during an  outage.
    thewire_08-2017_clip_image001.png  For more information on how RxIF can improve your outage response, its  deployment options and more, contact your account manager.


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    “Data Quality is Paramount:” How Jamaica Public Service Took Care of the GIS Basics


    As the old saying goes, you have to learn to walk before you  can run. As Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) explained at Link 2017, it’s focused on ensuring quality, consistent GIS data in order for its other systems – OMS and DMS – to operate effectively.

    Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is an integrated electric utility and the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica. It serves more  than 600,000 customers, and owns and operates four power substations, nine hydroelectric plants, 43 substations and approximately 14,000km (8,700 miles) of distribution and transmission lines.

    Challenged with inefficient processes, a lack of consistent and documented workflows, unreliable data and electricity theft, JPS sought a GIS enterprise system that could help it map and maintain its assets, supply reliable data for its OMS and DMS, support the introduction of thousands of smart meters, and more. Having reliable, accurate asset data was absolutely critical to the success of these efforts.

    JPS is working with Schneider Electric to implement ArcFM, Designer Express and ArcFM Mobile to create quality GIS data that will help improve outage statistics, satisfy regulators and ensure repeatable results for the OMS.

    To accomplish this, JPS has focused on training and prioritizing core applications first. “Data quality is paramount,” explained Dave Williams of JPS in his presentation at Link 2017. “We can’t try to fix everything at once.” In the future, JPS will have more efficient, scaleable worflows that rely on the accurate and reliable data from ArcFM.

    Williams also noted the value of having a business partner in Schneider Electric. “No one knows ArcFM and GIS on my side of the world,” he explained.  “Just the fact of having Schneider Electric as a business partner and as someone who understands what we are trying to do, that has helped us lock in improvements.”

    Go  here to view JPS’ presentation at Link 2017 or here to view the slides on Exchange.


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    What the ArcFM XI Ecosystem Means

    for You (in Less Than 5 Minutes)!


    From inefficient design processes and aging assets, to greater customer demands, it’s a time of unprecedented change that affects every part of your utility.

    By now, you may have heard of the ArcFM Solution XI Series, our answer to the myriad of challenges that the industry is facing. The ArcFM XI Ecosystem is a collection of applications that works together to help you finish jobs more efficiently.

    • ArcFM Designer XI is a focused application for designers and engineers that helps you get new designs completed extremely quickly (whether you are connected to the network or not)
    • ArcFM Mobile XI allows connected and disconnected field crews to view designs and redline them, as well as more easily move data between the field and the office.
    • ArcFM Editor XI works with incoming information from ArcFM Designer XI and ArcFM Mobile XI to help designs be commissioned or redlines processed more efficiently.
    • ArcFM Web XI is a powerful and modern channel that delivers more relevant GIS data throughout your organization to help break down silos.

    These ArcFM XI apps work with existing and future technology.  This enables you to move at your own pace and adapt to the Utility Network when you are ready,  yet still take advantage of powerful new applications today.


    To get the full picture of the ArcFM XI Ecosystem and learn what it means for your organization; go  here to view the video.


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    What’s New in 10.2.1c SP2?


    The upgrade to ArcFM Solution 10.2.1c SP2 is now available, but make sure you have ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1c  installed. When you upgrade, all ArcFM solutions will require an upgrade as well.
    The 10.2.1c SP2 upgrade is focused on bug fixes (no new functionality). Just a few of these include:


    • ArcFM:  Identify tool doesn’t work with broken map service layer inside of group layer; Geometric Network not delisted when switching stored displays; Identify stops functioning when layer connection is broken; and more.
    • Designer: Extended data definition table displays None, but is set in XML; design opens in wrong data frame; non-GIS CUs not included in Design Tree.
    • Responder: Invalid phasing error on certain workflows; enabling query service causes RXb Explorer to throw warning on launch; timeout box is always enabled; and more.
    • Fiber Manager: Connection Manager gives error when editing another workspace that doesn’t include the fiber data; selecting a circuit header that isn’t an endpoint of the circuit causes errors; poor performance where a large number of circuits exist; and more.


    All patches released on ArcFM Solution 10.2.1c are automatically included in ArcFM Solution 10.2.1c SP2,  along with all fixes that were part of ArcFM Solution 10.2.1c SP1.


    To view a searchable list of all bug fixes across all ArcFM applications, along with notes and reminders when upgrading, visit  Exchange.


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    Tips and Tricks


    Selecting with Ease page.  Follow these tips to help you use tools more efficiently and gain a better understanding of the products.  Use them!  Share them!


    Selecting features is the first step in so much of the editing and analysis you do in ArcFM and ArcMap.  Take advantage of these tips to select just the features you need, no more and no less.


    Tip 1:   (New in 10.2.1d) When you want to work only with a few features among the currently selected set, on the ArcFM Attribute Editor, Selection tab, select just those features you want to keep, (hold down the Ctrl key while you click to select multiple items) then right-click over them and choose Remove Other Items From Selection.


    remove other A.png


    All the unchosen items will deselect, and you'll be left with just the features you chose.


    remove other2.png


    You can also run the Remove Other Items From Selection command by right-clicking a layer (e.g. ArcFM.FiberOpticCable) in order to deselect all the features in the other layers.


    Get more tips here


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    Upcoming Events 
      September 5 – 9,  2017
      Chicago, Illinois

    European Utility  Week
      October 3 – 5, 2017

    Link 2018
      February 26 – March  1, 2018
      Loveland, Colorado

    The  Call for Papers for Link 2018 is open now through October 1! Submit  here.


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