Solution- ArcFM - Spatial Views Trigger Error During Favorite Creation

Version 3



    Use of Spatial Views can cause an error when creating a feature favorite. This issue was first identified with 10.2.1a and has also been replicated using 10.2.1b.


    While in an edit session, a Spatial View can be added to a Stored Display. Once added, the incorporated view will be visible in the List by Drawing Order tab within the Table of Contents. If a user then tries to create a new feature favorite, a run-time error can occur.




    For example, when creating a new User favorite, the error is encountered when trying to select a correlating feature class within the Select a Target dialog.




    The workflow that causes this error has been identified and the issue has been reported (CLS-58200).




    This issue can be triggered during an edit session by adding a Spatial View to a Stored Display. Subsequent creation of a feature favorite (e.g., User Favorite) can then invoke a run-time error. The issue can occur when both of these conditions are met.




    The reported issue CLS-58200 has been resolved in 10.2.1d. If running an earlier version of the software, this issue can be avoided by creating any feature favorites prior to adding the Spatial View.