Solution - ArcFM - Expanded Selection Tree Collapses Upon Graphic Placement

Version 2



    The Selection tab within ArcFM Editor displays features that are selected on the map. Features are organized by type, and each group can be expanded to easily visualize the number and information associated with the selected features. 

    Callouts and Graphics are often used when working with ArcFM. An issue was initially identified in 10.2.1b that collapses the selection tree within ArcFM Attribute Editor when a new graphic or callout is placed.  

    The workflow that causes this error has been identified and the issue has been reported (CLS-58771).




    This issue can be triggered by adding a new graphic or callout to the map when the tree in the selection tab of ArcFM Attribute Editor is expanded. Placement of the graphic or callout results in the collapsing of the selection tree.




    The reported issue CLS-58771 has been resolved in 10.2.1d. If this issue is encountered, users need to expand the selection tree following the addition of any new graphics or callouts to the map.