Schneider Electric has turned your feedback into action. Schneider Electric has made your customer experience journey mission critical. What you have voiced as important to drive the most value from your Schneider Electric Customer Support Experience is what we have turned into the exchange Customer Community.  We are committed to providing the assistance you need to meet your business objectives and drive the most value from your investments with us. Our approach was to identify technical support as a major touch point and provide you with access to expert consultation, periodic reviews, and when required, Technical Support in this platform for optimal performance at your finger tips. Whether you have how-to questions, technical issues, upgrades or need ongoing education, we give you fast, expert assistance. Here's what you get:


Knowledge – which becomes power for your business when placed in your hands

Engagement – leveraging connections with technical experts at Schneider Electric and your peers

Optimization – taking control and optimizing on your investments


You face extreme situations and have extreme customer expectations.  Within this community, you can reinvent the way you connect with Schneider Electric, your peers and get the most from your investments. GREAT TO HAVE YOU ONBOARD!