Schneider Electric e-news               |              November 21, 2014              |      exchange community



Announcing Overhead Design Analysis 10.2.1a             


Schneider Electric is pleased to introduce the 10.2.1a release of Overhead Design Analysis (OHDA). We've added some exciting enhancements and resolved issues discovered by customers in previous versions.


The 10.2.1a version of OHDA offers a new Per Location report that details pole information and analysis. For each pole in the scenario, the report provides a full page of information that includes a visual representation, calculated safety factor, remaining strength value, anchor and guy information, conductor data and more. An additional new tool displays a heat map that illustrates the stress points on a pole. A comprehensive list of new functionality is available on the What’s New page.  For complete descriptions of resolved problems, view the Read Me file.


The installation file for OHDA 10.2.1a behaves as a complete installation. To install OHDA 10.2.1a, you must first uninstall any existing OHDA product. The 10.2.1a version is not an upgrade that can be installed on top of 10.2.1. As a stand-alone application, OHDA does not require ArcFM or Designer. However, if ArcFM Solution products are installed, they must be version 10.2.1a to be compatible with OHDA 10.2.1a.              


All installers are available on exchange in the GIS Downloads group. If you haven't joined the exchange community, simply click Register to get started. You will need to request to join to the GIS Downloads group to access the 10.2.1a installers.