Schneider Electric e-news                 |              September 9, 2014              |      exchange community


Announcing the ArcFM™ for Silverlight 3.2 Release    


The ArcFM for Silverlight 3.2 release from Schneider Electric offers new features including high-resolution, server-side printing. This new printing functionality offers the ability to share large format, detailed plots of parts of the network with others in your organization. High-resolution printing means quality maps that are easy to read for the task at hand.      


With version 3.2, ArcFM for Silverlight also offers new options for configuring layers. These options increase productivity by ensuring the user's experience is familiar and consistent with each session. In addition, we've resolved a number of issues. For complete descriptions of resolved defects, view the Read Me file.


The installation files for version 3.2 behave as complete installations. To install ArcFM for Silverlight 3.2, you must first uninstall any existing ArcFM for Silverlight installation. Refer to the Read Me file for step-by-step installation instructions.      


The installers and Read Me are available on exchange in the GIS Downloads group. If you haven't joined the exchange community, simply click Register to get started. You will need to request to join the GIS Downloads group to access installers and Read Mes. Exchange also includes the supported versions pages ArcFM for Silverlight and the ArcFM for Silveright SDK, which offer information on version compatibility.