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Announcing the ArcFM™ Solution 10.2.1a Release

Schneider Electric is excited to introduce the 10.2.1a release of the ArcFM Solution. We've added powerful functionality and intelligent enhancements to many ArcFM Solution applications.

ArcFM Solution 10.2.1a has been certified against ArcGIS 10.2.1. The ArcFM 10.2.1a release introduces the following:


ArcFM received a variety of enhancements:

  • With 10.2.1a, we've introduced the Feeder Sync tool. This allows you to take advantage of Feeder Manager 2.0, while still maintaining Feeder Manager 1.0 fields (i.e., FeederID, FeederID2, and Feeder Info) in the geodatabase.
  • With 10.2.1a, we've further improved the performance of Feeder Manager 2.0 by reducing the amount of memory used by as much as 50 percent.
  • A new toggle button within the Find Feeder tool allows you to enable flow arrows that indicate the flow direction in a congested area of the network.
  • ArcFM Traces now render significantly faster. The Results tab in the Trace Options window has been replaced with an ArcFM Trace Results tab and the selected options now persist across ArcMap sessions. These enhancements apply to electric, gas, and water traces.
  • Two new developer samples allow you to extend Feeder Manager 2.0. Check out the Feeder Inventory and Synchronize Feeder Information samples in exchange.


The enhancements to Designer focus primarily on further performance improvements:

  • The time it takes to open a design has been further reduced.
  • The Designer CU to Work Location Assignment tool has also received another significant performance boost.
  • The CU Filter now has an All category that displays all filtered results regardless of the type.


We added a number of enhancements to Responder 10.2.1a:

  • Jumpers now support Phase Swap. A user can place a jumper between different phases if at least one of those phases is de-energized.
  • Responder Line Display respects jumper placement and removal.
  • A customer service representative can mark incoming calls as Urgent when logging calls via the Responder web browser. This designation signals the dispatcher that the call must be handled immediately.
  • Responder Reporting has received several enhancements. In addition to a more user-friendly design, we've added two new reports in Responder Explorer. Archive Reports are also available in the Responder web browser.

ArcFM Server

A new REST endpoint in ArcFM Server provides the ability to execute a Water Pressure System Trace.

Fiber Manager

Fiber Manager users should not upgrade to 10.2.1a just yet. With 10.2.1a, we've split Fiber Manager into a separate installer, and we're still putting the finishing touches on exciting new functionality. The 10.2.1a version of Fiber Manager will be available soon.

ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine

If you do not wish to use Fiber Manager functionality in ArcFM Viewer, the 10.2.1a installers will provide all the functionality you need. We will release an ArcFM Viewer patch for the Fiber Manager tools at a later date. Do not use the Fiber Manager functionality in ArcFM Viewer until this patch is available.


ArcFM Solution 10.2.1a is certified on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012. Refer to the Supported Versions list in the GIS Support space in exchange for details. A full list of new functionality is available on the What's New in 10.2.1a page in the exchange community. This release also resolves issues discovered by customers in previous versions. For complete descriptions of resolved problems, view the Read Me file that corresponds with each product.


The installation files for version 10.2.1a behave as complete installations. To install 10.2.1a, you must first uninstall any existing ArcFM Solution products. The 10.2.1a version is not an upgrade that can be installed on top of 10.2.1. Refer to the Read Me file for more information.


All installers are available on exchange in the GIS Downloads group. If you haven't joined the exchange community, simply click Register to get started. You will need to request to join to the GIS Downloads group to access the 10.2.1a installers.

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