Hi All,


As part of your NERC compliance, some of you are required to check for relevant security advisories and firmware updates periodically.

We have had several requests regarding this recently and I wanted to share the best way to keep automatically updated in your email inbox.

You should be signed up for an account on this site which links your username to your email address.


First, you should follow the spaces and people in the link below.


This space is public and is where new Security Advirories, Manuals, and other Important Information will be posted.



This space requires permission to be accessible.  This post explains how to become a member.  Getting the latest SAGE firmware guide

The latest firmware and firmware archives will be posted here.

RTU Downloads


I will generally be the person to post information to this site regarding SAGE RTU's so you can follow me too, but the two spaces above should be sufficient.

Chris Kerr


To follow, hover over the links above and look for the button that looks like this.

2016-05-11 10_58_33-Space_ SAGE _ exchange.png

Then be sure to check the "Inbox" option to get emailed when new information is available.

2016-05-11 11_00_04-Space_ SAGE _ exchange.png


I hope this info makes your lives easier.  Let me know if you have questions.