IED configurations can be built individually and copied from one to another but even better is to build a template, especially for configurations that are used frequently. Not only does it make it quicker and easier to add another of the “Same IED”, templates can be extracted from the RTU independently of the entire configuration and downloaded into other RTUs.

To create a template, build an IED configuration manually as normal. When finished, select the “Exp” button at the end of the row and type in a name for this new Template. Note: the name cannot have spaces and must end with”.xml” . Once created, a template can be reused by selecting the “Imp” button. All templates available will be in the “drop down” list and can be selected for use. Point quantity, names, scaling, etc. are all copied as part of the template.

Templates can be extracted from the RTU by going to the “Upload/Download” Tab and selecting “Templates” from the drop down list just like the Configuration, Application, or GUI. Once extracted, they can be stored and shared with other Users who configure RTUs.