Occasionally it is necessary or desirable to use FTP functions to manage the configuration files on the SAGE RTU.  It may be that you have inadvertently corrupted the Compact Flash (CF) files by downloading the wrong version or it may be that you have a really old version (for example C3413-500-001C1) that can’t be updated using the GUI.  The Documentation Tab in the manuals section of this site contains a document (Compact Flash Recovery for C3413) that walks you through the process of using FTP to transfer a set of firmware files onto the RTU using the Windows cmd.exe FTP function. As long as the Operating System is able to run, you can use this process to get back to a working set of firmware when the RTU is such that the browser interface can’t be used to update the firmware.

This procedure may be used with any of the SAGE RTUs using the C3413 CPU card (SAGE 2300, SAGE 3030, SAGE 1350, SAGE 1330 and SAGE 1310).

It can also be used to change from a newer version of firmware to an older version so that the firmware will match an existing configuration.  For example, a spare CPU card that needs to be placed into service loaded with a newer version of firmware than the configuration you want to use can be changed to the version needed to match the configuration using this method.