Are you looking for a single phase recloser that provides vacuum interruption, magnetic actuator, and digital control--all at a price point of under $5k?



Introducing the Schneider Electric's ADVC Lite control and W-Series Recloser. It's more than just a U.S. traditional single-phase recloser; the ADVC Lite control and W-Series Recloser is the industry-leading technology that gives you a reliable way to upgrade your single phase protection devices. Each Schneider Electric Recloser Control leverages the same Windows-based configuration software to make programming settings simple and easy.



The W-Series recloser with ADVC Lite controller, the latest advancement in the complete line of Overhead Switchgear, gives you an advanced, single phase recloser control that is easy-to-use, simple to understand and competitively priced.



The ADVC Lite is an easy-to-use controller which incorporates all the protection functions needed in single phase applications. The ADVC Lite has built-in remote capabilities and a 12V power supply for communications accessories to support the shift toward communications on the distribution network.


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