Hi Everyone,


I want to take a few minutes to thank all of you who took some of your precious time to come to Colorado and attend Link 2016 this past week!  It was great to meet some of you for the first time and to reconnect with those I've met before.  I want you to know that it is an honor for me to be part of the team that builds tools you use daily to better manage your business and operations.  Your interest and input into our products energizes everything that we do and we take that input seriously.  It's a great group of users that we have and I thank you for your support!


Just a quick recap of events associated with Responder for those in attendance and for those who where not able to make it...There were 2 key sessions on opening day and 7 different sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.


  • The Technology overview by Matt Zimmerman on Tuesday covered our whole portfolio of products and the road ahead for them as we transition to the 11 series of products in the ArcFM Solution
  • The Presentation - Link 2016 - Electric Vertical Breakout  on Tuesday afternoon byKate Haga, Neil Batchelor , and myself went into the current, near-term, and longer-term of the product line and included a  demo of Responder at 10.2.1c and a Reliability briefing book that leveraged ArcGIS Portal.  (Let me know if you're interesting in that briefing book become a Solution Template that we make available to the community.)


  • John Thurmes and I presented on different approaches to analysis your Responder Archive data in Presentation - Link 2016 - Mining the Responder Archive. I see configurable analytical tools like these becoming part of the product in future to really extend the value of your OMS across more than just day to day operations and into asset management decision-making for capital expenditures and impacting other maintenance work like tree-trimming programs to help utilities make better, data-driven, decisions.
  • The Presentation - Link 2016 - Responder Feedback was lively, as always.  We heard you again talk about the need to have a device or conductor associated with multiple incidents or cuts and that some progress on these issues should be a top priority for us.  This has been a consistent theme in all of my discussions with the community over the past 10 months and something that I heard about during my many years in sales and proposals as well.  we also heard about many other good ideas that you'll see documented below.
  • Nicholas Wanke and I led a session that drove into the logic behind the Responder Prediction Engine and the configuration settings available to tweak that logic titled Presentation - Link 2016 - Getting the Most Out of Responder's Prediction Engine
  • Kyle Erickson, Hart Gilchrist, and Tim Vickrey hosted a presentation titled Presentation - Link 2016 - ArcFM Responder: The Final Block in Your GIS Foundation covering their work in getting the most out of their GIS Solution.
  • Nicholas Wanke and I also did a What's New in Responder session that covered changes released in 10.2.1b, upcoming changes in 10.2.1c and the removal of call stewing (which is probably the only thing that I hear from users about more often or earlier in the conversation than multiple incidents on a device). and a look into the future of Responder as part of the 11 series of the ArcFM Solution.


You can link directly to the presentations from this post.


We are adding more change requests into the Responder Ideas space based upon this year's conference.  There was a ton of great ideas, so if you don't see you idea in there yet, don't worry, we're still adding them...(I'll update this post when we get them all in).  Of course, there were a number of ideas that got mentioned again including:

Devices Associated with Multiple Incidents or the same device on an incident multiple times

Change reports to include active incidents (or those not archived yet)

Customizable Responder Archive Reports

Allow Undo functionality in Responder.


Here is the complete list of new ideas that Nicholas Wanke added into exchange as a result of this years LINK:

Make Web Map Viewer Automatically Refresh - Erik Hooper thought this was such a good idea and simple change that he's already put the change into the 10.2.1c code branch!

Long Term Incidents

Global ETR Setting On-The-Fly

Dynamic grouping

Additional Information To Show on Customer Incident Area In Rx Web

Static Incident ID On Roll-Up and Prediction

Ability To Alter Font Size In Rx Explorer

Ability to Alter Font Size on Responder Reports

Alternate Shading In Responder Explorer Grid For Incidents

Mechanism To Consolidate Or Group Tags

Add Ability For Switch Order Requests To Be Assigned

Show all active switching orders in switch order library

Make Change Normal State Tool Affect Lines

Allow Configurable Alias For FC/Subtype Combinations

Add Ability to Have Tiered Cause Codes

Ability to Review Incident Data Before Incident Close


Thanks again to everyone that came to LINK, to those that presented on their work, and to all who participated in discussions and networking opportunities.  I had a great time with you all and look forward to seeing you all again soon!