Hi All,


Here is a quick summary of the new and enhanced features in Responder with the release of Responder in ArcFM 10.2.1b...


Jumpers in Switching Orders - Full jumper functionality is now fully integrated with planned switching and restoration orders. Planning, adding, and removing jumpers is done visually through the Switching Orders Editor and its tight integration with ArcMap.



Schneider Electric Weather Web Services - For Responder customers that already have a subscription for Weather Web Services we have added a tool to automate the loading of Weather Web Services layers into the Responder Stored Display that can be shared among the Dispatchers & System Operators.  For Responder customers without a subscription the tool also allows you to sign-up for a 60 day free trial to start to see the benefits before making a subscription purchase decision.



For North American customers the trial includes:

  • Current wind speed & direction
  • North American lightning data (past 15 minutes)
  • Storm corridors (30 minutes)
  • Thunderstorm forecast (1 hour)
  • Current radar for US and Canada
  • NWS bulletins (current/valid)
  • Storm reports (past 24 hours)

For customers outside of North America the trial includes:

  • Current wind speed & direction
  • Global lightning data (past 15 minutes)
  • Thunderstorm forecast (6 hours)
  • Current radar (Japan, Europe, Australia)
  • EU Met bulletins


Check for ground when placing a jumper - When jumpers are placed Responder now checks to ensure that a ground is not being energized.  This update was also patched to Responder 10.2.a


Edit Incidents outside of assigned region - the Edit Incident tool in ArcMap now allows dispatchers to access the Edit incident box for incidents outside of their assigned region without needing to disable the region filter


Visual indication of expired restoration estimates within Responder Web - Responder Web will now visually indicate expired restoration estimates in the Customer Service tab


Reprocess Devices available through an Incident's right-click menu - Reprocess Devices has been added to an incident's right-click menu to re-calculate loadpoints on demand.  The process will create needed loadpoints and delete ones that no longer exist to resolve database errors or changes.


Customer phase - The Calls tab now shows what phases are affecting customers.  Thanks to all that voted: Add ability to show phasing on calls tab (similar to loadpoints tab)


Configure the 'Execute All' button - The Execute All button in the Switching Order Editor form can be hidden on individual client machines through configuration. Thanks to Savannaha Buhrman for submitting this idea:  Ability to disbable "Execute All" button within the Switching Order Manager


Generate Switching Order Report - A Switching Order report can be created through the Switching Order Editor main menu in addition to the Responder Explorer grid.  Thanks for all of the feedback on this issue over the past year.  Print SO Reports From SO Editor


Notify Network Change tool - the Notify Network Change tool will now also call the Esri Version Change tool.  Thanks to James Stevens for the idea:  Notify Network Change - Include Esri Version Refresh


Hazard Arrival Time - There are instances where a safety official is called to assist in securing a hazard but never actually is onsite.  This enhancement allows the arrival Time of a hazard to be set to null in those cases, eliminating the need to also set a departure time.  Thanks to Elizabeth Case for this enhancement:  Allow Removal of Safety Arrival Times for Hazards


Restoration Steps can be added to incidents without a incident device - The Restoration Steps command is now available for incidents without any incident devices such as those with only non-electric features or hazards.  Thanks to our 2014 and 2015 LINK participants in helping to make this enhancement.  Allow restoration command on non electric incidents


New developer sample - A new developer sample is now available in exchange that illustrates how to add custom queries to define reports.  Sample - Report Input





Mark your calendars and be sure to attend the What's New - 10.2.1b Webinar on June 11th from 11:00am to 12:00pm MDT where you will learn more about new features and functionality available with this 10.2.1b release.

In the meantime, check out What's New in 10.2.1b?