Hello All,


The ArcFM Solution 10.2.1b is available in the GIS Downloads space.  There have been a lot of enhancements across the product line, so please take a look at the different product spaces for updates.


Fiber Manager:

For the 10.2.1b release, the improvements to Fiber Manager were centered around maintenance and bug fixes.  You can take a look at the issues that were resolved in the Fiber Manager readme file. We highly recommend customers upgrade to 10.2.1b (if you are not using Wavepoint).


Wavepoint 1.0.3:

In late January, we were able to release an update to the Wavepoint client, Wavepoint 1.0.3.

Improvements included:

    *A new identify tool to allow easier viewing of assets in dense environments on the map

    *A legend so that users of the webpage can easily understand what they are seeing on the map

    *Improved hyperlink support, to allow better access to external websites or document management systems

    *A new measure tool, so Wavepoint users can quickly identify distances from locations to a network access point

    *Other bug fixes


Wavepoint 1.0.3 is also available in the GIS Downloads space.  Please note that Wavepoint 1.0.3 only works with the data model for versions 10.2.1 and prior (not with ArcFM Server 10.2.1a/b).  We are currently working on Wavepoint 2.0, which will provide support for the new circuit model.


Here are some screen shots of the improvements that we have made at Wavepoint 1.0.3:



Identify Tool


Measure Tool


Here are some useful links regarding the release:

Upgrade to 10.2.1b - https://infrastructurecommunity.schneider-electric.com/docs/DOC-5982

Fiber header migration PDF - https://infrastructurecommunity.schneider-electric.com/docs/DOC-6023

Configure/Upgrade Circuit Manager - http://resources.arcfmsolution.com/10.2.1a/FiberConfig/webframe.html#ConfigureUpgradeCircuitManager.html

Fiber Circuit Upgrade Tool - https://infrastructurecommunity.schneider-electric.com/docs/DOC-6024

What's New in Wavepoint 1.0.3 - https://infrastructurecommunity.schneider-electric.com/docs/DOC-5123


Mark your calendars and be sure to attend the What's New - 10.2.1b Webinar on June 11th from 11:00am to 12:00pm MDT where you will learn more about new features and functionality available with this 10.2.1b release.

In the meantime, check out What's New in 10.2.1b?