The latest version of Wavepoint has arrived. You can download the installers on Exchange.  If you have trouble with the link, make sure that you have access to the GIS Downloads space.


What's that version number?

As of this release, we've officially decoupled Wavepoint installers from the version numbers that bind together most of the ArcFM Solution. In that regard, Wavepoint now joins the likes of the Orbit and ArcFM for Silverlight releases, and now has the ability to undergo client-side updates when ArcFM Server and ArcGIS Server changes are not also required.


What does this mean for our customers?

Decoupling the Wavepoint web application from ArcFM Server benefits our customers. Specifically, if clients make product enhancement or change requests that only affect the web app, it's now much easier for us to make those changes and send them updated web apps. This gives our team greater flexibility in delivering Wavepoint upgrades to our customers.


What else is new?

  • You can now swap the start and end points of one-line diagrams of connectivity and circuit traces.
  • Wavepoint's search is now case insensitive.
  • Esri is soon deprecating its geocoding service and has replaced it with the ArcGIS Online World Geocoding Service. To accommodate this change, we updated the default LocatorServiceUrl key value in the Wavepoint web.config.
  • We resolved a number of bugs.


How about some documentation?


Supported ArcFM Server versions

  • 10.1.1
  • 10.2