Esri’s 2017 GeoConX conference marked a significant inflection point in the ongoing conversation around Esri’s #UtilityNetwork and the ArcFM Solution XI Series . A lot has happened since September 2016 when we first announced that we’d be building the next generation ArcFM Editor XI on ArcGIS Pro and the Utility Network. There has been a lot of discussion, education, demos, alphas and betas. We realized early on that since all of this can be noisy and confusing it was our responsibility to lead you through the fog of impending change - to transparently guide you in using the right technology in the right way at the right time while protecting you from premature hype. So, it was comforting at GeoConX 2017 to hear people for the first time being realistic about the effort it will take to get to the #UtilityNetwork. Customers and partners were talking less about a “simple upgrade” and more about “business transformation”. They were asking what they could do NOW to get their data ready, how they should start to align their budget cycles, how they can prepare for the change management associated with workflow and business process re-engineering and who could help them. Our work with TDPUD and Esri further validated the need for utilities to take the time to comprehend what the real impact of moving to the Utility Network entails. Megan Campe said it well in her session when she said “everything changes”!

Fortunately, we and our best-of-breed GIS Partners have helped our customers navigate change like this a few times in the past. Our new “Building Your ArcFM XI” pilot program is the key to this – it is our expert blueprint to get you to the Utility Network and the ArcFM Solution XI Series at your pace, with minimal disruption and maximum value-add.  How can you get involved and begin preparing now? First, keep an eye out for the arcfm editor xi alpha program later this year and sign up. Second, if you want to take the alpha experience further, a Building Your ArcFM XI pilot offers that. Third, no single company can do this all – our best-of-breed partner ecosystem gives you choices of who to work with and can reach you in over 90 countries.  Finally, remember to establish the expected value you hope to realize by moving to the Utility Network, and we and our partners will get you there just like we have done for you in the past!