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Dear friends, GIS Partners and customers:


At GeoConX 2016 you will be introduced to a lot of exciting new technology and learn a lot of new things about the future of utility and telecom GIS.  Here are a few things to think about over the weekend as you prepare for this conference…


The utility and telecom markets we serve are undergoing important changes that many like to describe with fancy buzz words such as disruption, evolution, IT/OT convergence, smart grid, next generation, etc. Regardless of the fancy words of choice, this can equate to big changes and big decisions which require a lot of thought and planning to navigate and survive when you are being pressed every day to do more with less.  You really don’t need any more change!


Some change is good - you might see some different faces from Schneider Electric Geospatial in Phoenix.  But, if you know where we came from, you can take solace in the fact that with all the change happening around you and the different faces at Schneider Electric, our mission remains the same it was 29 years ago when we pioneered this industry with Esri – to deliver tangible business value that improves your work life.  Our mission is not tied to a particular technology, a specific software version, a data model, some migration tools, a set of traces or even specific people – it is tied to you, our customers. Our responsibility is to provide our customers leadership in the midst of this change – to transparently guide you in using the right technology in the right way at the right time while protecting you from premature hype.


Speaking of hype, when large technology changes typically occur, you are probably used to seeing all the charts and diagrams from your favorite analysts.  They have names like Hype Cycle, the Technology Adoption Lifecycle (with or without chasm) and Technology Readiness Level (an oldie but a goodie).  Some of these assess the status of a market, some address an organization’s readiness, and some assess the technology itself.  Look it up and do some reading, it is fun stuff!


But I have some homework for you - after you do some reading, and after you get back from GeoConX - tell us where you think we are as a market, as a technology, and where you are as an organization.  And, I will tell you that Schneider Electric is ready to provide you the leadership to get you from wherever you are today to where you want to go tomorrow.  We have done it before, and we will do it again.