We're truly excited to announce the first release of ArcFM Editor 11.0 -- the next generation of ArcFM built on ArcGIS Pro and designed for Esri's utility network.


ArcFM Editor 11.0 builds on the proven value of ArcFM by providing increased productivity, data validation, network analysis and enhanced editing tools for both the electric and gas GIS editors. ArcFM Editor 11.0 will extend the core Esri gas and electric utility network data models with unique domain-specific ArcFM capabilities – all of this built on the new foundation of the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension. ArcFM Editor 11.0 provides new ways for ensuring the highest quality data and delivers new editing tools for keeping asset and network data at its best. With increased automation and reduced editing times, ArcFM Editor 11.0 makes a GIS editor’s work simpler, streamlined and faster while benefiting downstream systems that rely on the data.


Key Functionality Highlights:

  • The ArcFM Data Validation Assistant offers data quality control and error resolution, ensuring your system of record delivers data quality and integrity needed to enable GIS enterprise integrations.
  • Quick insights through advanced network intelligence, tracing and inquiry tools for both gas and electric networks.
  • A new ArcFM Visual Editing tool that provides a more simplified workflow, improving overall editing efficiency for both electric and gas operable devices.
  • Customizable tasks and pre-configured maps for quick job sketching and commissioning.
  • A new ArcFM Construction tool that will extend feature template editing by providing automatic phase attribute edits.
  • The ArcFM Data Model, extended from Esri’s utility network model, has been optimized for high fidelity data and phase based tracing.


If you're interested in finding out more, please reach out to your Schneider Electric account representative and the GIS Downloads space. We also have an upcoming webinar scheduled for June 6th @11am MT. To register, please follow this link. Hope you can join us!