Hi All -


10.2.1b has officially been released! This is the fastest and most stable release of ArcFM to date. From an ArcFM Desktop perspective, Feeder Manager 2.0 has been enhanced so that upgrades can happen more seamlessly. Targeted usability improvements have also been added and we now have more robust support for enterprise data models. Many bug fixes and stability improvements have been added as well. To see a full list of all issues addressed in this release go here.


Visit the GIS Downloads space to download the installer and watch for other blog posts outlining the countless improvements that have been made across the entire ArcFM Solution.


Here is more detail on the improvements made to ArcFM Desktop at 10.2.1b:


Feeder Manager 2.0 Event Notifications


This is a critical enhancement to Feeder Manager 2.0 in order to fully support custom autoupdaters or processes that need to be notified when Feeder Information changes. All utilities can now consider Feeder Manager 2.0 as they upgrade so they can start taking advantage of the performance and usability benefits it provides; all while leaving existing customizations and integrations in place with little to no changes.


This new event also enables editing feedback mechanisms that need to occur as edits are made to the electric network. Developer samples will be provided so editing prompts when loops, multi-feeds or a certain number of features are edited can now be implemented to facilitate data validation as edits are made.


The Feeder Sync Tool is a listener of FM2.0 Event Notifications so starting at 10.2.1b, the MM_Edited_Features table is refined and just contains the features that changed. The performance of Feeder Sync has also improved as the result of being a listener of this new event.




Feeder Manager 2.0 Field Order


Feeder Manager 2.0 now supports ArcFM Field Order so users have easy access to the most critical information needed to do their job. This was a very popular user request for FM2.0 as users did not want to scroll down in any of our tools to see the FM2.0 fields.




ArcFM Login Exit Button


There is now an Exit button on the ArcFM Login Screen so users can easily back out of unintended ArcMap opens. This was a popular enhancement request from the user community.



Soft Relates OR In-Memory Relationships


The ArcFM Attribute Editor, ArcFM Locator and ArcFM Identify tools now have more robust support for enterprise data models through viewing of in-memory relationships that can be setup to data both inside and outside of the Geodatabase. These can be setup by clicking on the Properties of a layer in ArcMap and navigating to the Joins and Relates tab.


In-memory relationships reduce database complexity and allow for relationships to be setup to data that lives outside the Geodatabase. One example would be relating to customer information directly in the CIS.




Mark your calendars and be sure to attend the What's New - 10.2.1b Webinar on June 11th from 11:00am to 12:00pm MDT where you will learn more about new features and functionality available with this 10.2.1b release.

In the meantime, check out What's New in 10.2.1b?