Here in Schneiderland I am proposing to our leadership for Q2 2015 the next release of ArcFM Server (10.3) and the first release of ArcFM Web (for JavaScript).  Improvements would include:
  1. Certification with ArcGIS Server 10.3, plus network model caching in ArcFM Server to enable "screaming fast" traces.
  2. ArcGIS Web AppBuilder-ready JavaScript widgets for electric, gas, and water tracing that improve the user experience and optionally leverage the new "screaming fast" traces in ArcFM Server. You can:
    1. Use the trace widgets in default viewer apps that we provide, or
    2. Mash up the trace widgets with Esri, 3rd party, or custom widgets and themes to build an app specific to your organization.
If you are a member of the ArcFM Services & Web PAG, you can catch a short demo of the widget strategy here: ArcFM Web Iteration 2.4 Demo
You can learn about the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder here: http://doc.arcgis.com/en/web-appbuilder/
Please go to the following  one-question poll to indicate your level of excitement for this proposed release, and give feedback: ArcFM Server release excitement level