We are busy at work creating a new print tool for ArcFM for Silverlight


There are some cool improvements in the new tool, many based on your requests:


  • The print button appears along the top of the map next to other common map tools
  • You can choose a specific scale and adjust the extent for the plot in the print preview
  • The plot will have the exact map frame you see in the print preview
  • The plot is processed server-side using the page templates in your geodatabase and ArcGIS print services (custom print templates are no longer needed as with the old tool)
  • Asynchronous processing so you can continue working after starting the print process
  • High resolution output


We will be reviving the ArcFM for Silverlight product advisory group soon and giving a demo to interested folks.  Meanwhile we have a question for you:


With the shiny new Print tool coming out, do we need to keep the old Templates-Print tool in the app? 


ArcFM for Silverlight.jpg

We would prefer to just make the old tool disappear when the new tool appears in the next release.


Thanks in advance for your feedback!