Today we have completed the second phase of product updates for OpenID Connect! This upgrade process will put our solutions in line with industry standards for security protocols. Please see the following link for background on the entire OIDC upgrade process:

Required ArcFM Mobile upgrade for OIDC


Full OIDC Release

Customers can now upgrade all apps, services, and desktop applications. This release is backward compatible so existing authentication functionality will continue to function.


ArcFM Mobile for Windows and the ArcFM Solution Center will update automatically. Any customers using the Rollout feature in ArcFM Solution Center must “unpin” from earlier releases to allow update to ArcFM Mobile for Windows. iPad users should make sure all of their tasks are synced to the server before accepting the update of ArcFM Mobile for iPad.


All other services and applications that you have installed currently must be upgraded according the instructions provided here:

ArcFM Mobile Downloads


Please see the release notes for each service and application for additional important information about this release:

ArcFM Mobile


A couple more notes:

  1. If you have not yet updated your Sync Service to the ArcFM Sync Service OIDC release (v1.3.1), do not update other applications and services. Prevent auto update of ArcFM Mobile for Windows by pinning to the 3.4.x release with the Rollout feature in ArcFM Solution Center. Inform your iPad users to not accept updates to ArcFM Mobile for iPad and turn off automatic updates. Continue these practices until your Sync Service update is complete.
  2. Non-OIDC support ends on June 1. At some point after this date any services or applications that have not been upgraded will fail to authenticate!
  3. Support version changes of note in this release: iPads must have iOS 11 or greater. ArcFM Mobile Tools for Excel are supported for Excel 2013 or greater.
  4. Legacy Api Keys shown in the ArcFM Solution Center will no longer be needed after you complete the update to the full OIDC release. When you have completed the update to the full OIDC release, only three API keys are used by core ArcFM Mobile and should appear under the API Keys tab: Hosted Workflows key (if you have configured workflows for iPad users), and Sync and Redlining Service keys (if you have implemented these services).


Our GIS Support team is ready to assist you and answer questions!