I’m happy to announce the completion of the first phase of product updates for OIDC! This upgrade process will put our solutions in line with industry standards for security protocols.


ArcFM Sync Service OIDC Release

Customers can now begin downloading and installing the upgraded Sync Service. This release is backward compatible so the mobile apps will continue to function. There is no requirement to recreate or re-download replicas. Upgrade instructions are provided here:ArcFM Sync Service 


As a reminder, customers must complete the Sync Service upgrade before April 1 to avoid downtime for users!


A couple more notes:

  1. You must be on the latest version of ArcFM Solution Center to manage offline data with the Sync Service upgrade. Normally, the Solution Center upgrades itself automatically when you start and restart the application. After restarting, check the About tab in the Solution Center to make sure you have version 1.2.0 or greater. If you do not, install the latest version from here: ArcFM Solution Center
  2. The following capabilities are no longer available in the ArcFM Mobile Portal web app: user management, API key management, and redline type management. Instead, use the ArcFM Solution Center for these items. Also, the “Inspector Sync” tool is no longer available for download as it is obsolete with latest authentication and ArcFM Solution Center capabilities.
  3. You will notice a “Legacy Api Keys” tab in the ArcFM Solution Center. Please ignore this tab for now. There will be additional instructions later about API Key conversion.