Soon the Schneider Electric product development team is releasing an important upgrade to ArcFM Mobile to leverage OpenID Connect, known also as OIDC, for authentication. This includes changes to our hosted services as well as to services and applications installed in your enterprise. This upgrade will put our solutions in line with industry standards for security protocols. As a bonus, this upgrade will also enable a single user to authenticate to multiple tenants for the organization (requested by some ArcFM Mobile customers).


Here is the targeted timeline:


February 15: ArcFM Sync Service OIDC Release

After this release customers can begin downloading and installing the upgraded Sync Service. This release is backward compatible so the mobile apps will continue to function. There is no requirement to recreate or re-download replicas. Upgrade instructions are provided here:


Customers must complete the Sync Service upgrade before April 1 to avoid downtime for users!


April 1: Full OIDC Release

After this release customers can upgrade remaining services and all desktop applications. This release is backward compatible so existing authentication functionality will continue to function.


Mobile apps and the ArcFM Solution Center will update automatically. Any customers that have used the controlled rollout feature must “unpin” from earlier releases to allow mobile app upgrade.


All other services and applications listed here that you have installed currently must be upgraded according the instructions provided here:


June 1: Non-OIDC Support Ends

After this date any services or applications that have not been upgraded could fail to authenticate!



Even though this might sound intimidating, I want to emphasize that this is a straightforward upgrade, and the security enhancements justify the effort required. Our support team is ready to assist you and answer questions.