With today's release of ArcFM Mobile 3.4 for Windows, utility-scale construction workflows begin to take shape!


This release includes new capabilities to enable the construction as-builting process:

  • Crews can activate work locations in the map from an external workforce management system, and ask for turn-by-turn directions, to get to a day's work more efficiently.
  • Upon completion of a job, the foreman can more effectively communicate as-built changes to assets, map corrections, and field conditions in redlines with attributes.





To get started with ArcFM Mobile, contact your account manager!


The ArcFM Mobile 3.4 for Windows release notes and installer are available here, and your existing users will be upgraded automatically:

ArcFM Mobile for Windows Release Notes


For your users to fully benefit from the improvements in ArcFM Mobile for Windows 3.4, you must upgrade the ArcFM Redlining Service and ArcFM Redlining Tools for ArcGIS:

ArcFM Mobile Services and Tools Release Notes


Important Note:  If your organization uses BOTH the ArcFM Redlining Tools for ArcGIS and the ArcFM Mobile Tools for ArcGIS on the same machine, you must upgrade both of these applications at the same time or the user will encounter errors when attempting to log into these tools.

ArcFM Mobile Services and Tools Release Notes


Also we recommend you upgrade the ArcFM Solution Center for some bug fixes:

ArcFM Solution Center Release Notes


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