Today Schneider Electric takes offline mobile GIS to a whole new level with the release of ArcFM Mobile 3.2 for Windows.


ArcFM Mobile delivers speed and simplicity to end users and administrators, enables collaboration between field and office, and supports the scale requirements of any size utility.


This release of ArcFM Mobile for Windows includes all-new network tracing capabilities:

  • Electric isolation tracing, providing safety and impact information including upstream protective devices, tie points, and downstream affected customers
  • Gas isolation tracing, providing safety and impact information including isolation valves and affected customers, with options to ignore valves and place squeeze-offs
  • A one-click user experience where users just tap an asset and isolation results appear
  • Full offline support so users can trace the network anytime, anywhere, with fast results
  • Minimal configuration by leveraging your existing Feeder Manager implementation



Also new with this release are configured searches:

  • Google-style searches using minimal text entry in a single box to accelerate the workforce's access to asset data
  • Quick and easy configuration with a few clicks by the admin to enable the searches relevant to each map, thus giving end users only the search tools they need for their job
  • Multiple search targets where a user's search text can be applied to multiple fields and multiple layers, allowing consolidation of search tools
  • Full offline support, of course, because it's ArcFM Mobile!


And a few more enhancements:

  • ArcFM Mobile activation from external applications of the device such as WMS, MWFM, and EAM mobile apps, improving integration with enterprise solutions
  • New and improved configuration docs, organized by configuration workflow to accelerate implementation
  • And introducing the ArcFM Solution Center for inituitive, centralized configuration of the ArcFM ecosystem



To get started, contact your account manager or visitArcFM Mobile Jumpstart


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