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Today Schneider Electric raises the bar for mobile GIS once again with the release of ArcFM Mobile 3.1 for Windows.


ArcFM Mobile delivers speed and simplicity to end users and administrators, enables collaboration between field and office, and supports the scale requirements of any size utility.


What's the ArcFM Mobile difference that makes it the utility-scale mobile GIS solution?

  • Rock-solid, fast, and scalable offline capabilities that are unique in the market of Esri-based mobile GIS solutions
  • Extreme usability of apps allowing the utility workforce to focus on their job instead of software
  • Guaranteed to work in the ArcFM ecosystem out of the box. That's why it's called ArcFM Mobile!


This release of ArcFM Mobile for Windows includes all-new redlining capabilities:

  • A fast and simple user experience where crews just place redline graphics - no GIS experience or training is required
  • Configurable for your organization to build custom redlining palettes, optionally including your asset symbology
  • Full offline support so users can create redlines anytime/anywhere, synced to the enterprise automatically when a connection is available
  • Workflow support bringing redlines to ArcFM Desktop for processing; and they can be viewed on any ArcGIS Platform app as well!




Those of you who have joined the ArcFM Mobile PAG can have a look at ArcFM Mobile redlining in this preview demo.


To get started, contact your account manager or visit ArcFM Mobile Jumpstart



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