Next month, our utility-scale mobile GIS gets even better with the release of ArcFM Mobile 3.1 for Windows. The primary new capability is redlining. Not just any redlining, but the Cadillac of redlining solutions! Capabilities include:


  • Redlining palettes that can be configured to meet your organization's needs, including the use of your asset symbology
  • A fast and simple user experience where crews simply place redline graphics - no GIS experience or training required
  • Full offline support - create redlines anytime/anywhere and they are synced to the enterprise automatically when a connection is available
  • Redlining workflows bring sketches to ArcFM Desktop for processing; and redlines can be viewed in any ArcGIS Platform app as well


Those of you who have joined the ArcFM Mobile PAG can have a look at ArcFM Mobile redlining in this preview demo.




Stay tuned for the release of ArcFM Mobile 3.1 for Windows next month!


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