Today Schneider Electric sets a new standard for scalable, multi-platform, mobile GIS solutions with the release of ArcFM Mobile 3.0 for Windows!


ArcFM Mobile delivers the advantages of speed and simplicity. It provides instant, intuitive access to data for your workforce wherever they are, while meeting the scale requirements of the largest utility and communications providers.


Features include:

  • An intuitive native app for Windows 7, 8, and 10, so your workforce can access the GIS on their current devices and be productive with little or no training
  • Optimized asset viewing and identification, including related objects, to make information instantly available to users regardless of connectivity
  • Screaming fast Google-style searches that recognize proximity to the user’s location, so users never wait for the most relevant results
  • Scalable offline map download and synchronization, backed by the powerful ArcFM Sync Services, to support gigabytes of data and hundreds or thousands of users
  • Easy management of offline content in a single configuration site for both iPad and Windows users, minimizing administration costs
  • “App-store” style deployment, enabling implementation across your workforce in days rather than months



Also, ArcFM Mobile 3.1 for iPad is now available, including:

  • An "offline maps" toggle to view only downloaded map data, improving app performance and reducing data costs
  • Improved usability around partial connectivity and map download/synchronization
  • Many user interface improvements and bug fixes


For more information, see 2016 Q2 ArcFM Mobile Release Notes and 2016 Q2 ArcFM Mobile Services, Portal, and Tools Release Notes.


To get started, contact your account manager or visit ArcFM Mobile Jumpstart


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