Uh oh...



Good thing ArcFM Mobile is designed to support utility requirements including post-storm damage assessment, and do it fast!


  • Administrators can adjust the default ArcFM Mobile damage assessment solution for the specific data collection and workflow requirements of the organization.
  • Coordinators can dispatch field personnel to locations in the service territory for damage patrols, and track their progress.
  • Field personnel can quickly note damage at GPS locations or features in the ArcGIS asset record, attach photos, and mark damage and completed patrol areas in the map with redlines. Users always remain productive regardless of internet connectivity.
  • Field damage reports including photos and redlines are automatically synced to the enterprise during times of connectivity through fast, secure communication.
  • Based on damage characteristics, ArcFM Mobile can automatically generate work for follow-up review or repair.
  • Managers can view damage estimates and assessment progress from Excel reports and dashboards.


To get it going...

  1. Start an ArcFM Mobile Trial
  2. When you are asked to select a Scenario, choose "Electric - Damage Assessment"
  3. With your iPad or Windows device, walk through the ArcFM Mobile Trial - Electric System Demonstration to experience the pre-configured damage assessment solution.


To make it real...

  1. Contact your account manager, send me a note, or request to be contacted to upgrade your trial to a full subscription.
  2. In the ArcFM Mobile Portal, change the sample map service used in the trial to your ArcGIS Server map service, and adjust the damage assessment parameters to meet your organization's needs.
  3. Install the ArcFM Mobile Tools for Excel to enable reporting and dashboards in Excel.