I'm pleased to announce the release of ArcFM Mobile 2.1 for iPad this week! This release includes some important milestones:

  • Orbit has been renamed to ArcFM Mobile. This is in recognition that the name Orbit did not convey the purpose or value of the product. In our product strategy, mobile permeates every part of the ArcFM Solution.


  • The iPad app now includes an ArcFM Mobile Viewer option that is activated based on the user's role. It's the same app, but with map view, search, and identify only. This mode does not leverage our hosted task and workflow services.  This means two things:
    1. You can get started with ArcFM Mobile using a basic viewer, without having to store work data in the cloud.
    2. Your use of the viewer does not consume cloud resources, which lowers our costs, so we can offer the ArcFM Mobile Viewer at a lower subscription price.  Meanwhile your viewers have the same app as more advanced workflow users, so you manage a single consolidated solution and users move instantly between modes based on role.


  • Regardless of role, any user can close the supporting side panes (tasks, search, identify) for a full-screen view of the map. And there are other improvements to the use of screen real estate.




This app is phenomenal!  I suggest you try it out with a free trial.


For more details, please visit the  2015 Q1 ArcFM Mobile Release Notes