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The Orbit Cloud Services team is pleased to present the latest release of Orbit Services, Portal, and Tools.  Some of the exciting improvements of this release are in reporting.


As you may know, the Orbit Tools for Excel allow you to quickly generate report sheets from field data stored in Orbit.  You can perform additional analysis on the data with Excel funtionality such as charting and pivot tables, or even customize reports by adding VBA code to the workbook.  You can create multiple reports within an Excel workbook, save it, and then open the workbook later and refresh everything with a single click of the Refresh button.




With the Oct. 24 release, we have improved the user experience by adding a title automatically to each worksheet report generated by the Orbit Tools for Excel.  Also, we have enabled Excel reports to originate from the Orbit Tools for ArcMap based on a selection set.  For example, you might see a gas valve in ArcMap symbolized as failing its last inspection according to Orbit, and you would like to see an inspection history report for this valve.  You can select the valve, click Generate Excel Report from the Orbit toolbar, and the report will appear in Excel.



See2013 Q4 Orbit Services, Portal, and Tools Release Notes for more details.  Also, join us at the next ArcFM Mobile PAG meeting to learn more!