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ArcFM Mobile

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Jon Fairchild

About ArcFM Mobile

Posted by Jon Fairchild Aug 21, 2013

ArcFM Mobile is our utility-scale mobile GIS solution including a multi-platform suite of apps backed by scalable services. ArcFM Mobile delivers speed and simplicity to end users and administrators, enables near-realtime collaboration between field and office, and supports the scale requirements of any size utility.


What's the ArcFM Mobile difference that makes it the utility-scale mobile GIS solution?

  • Rock-solid, fast, and scalable offline capabilities that are unique in the market of Esri-based mobile GIS solutions
  • Extreme usability of apps allowing the utility workforce to focus on their job instead of software
  • Guaranteed to work in the ArcFM ecosystem out of the box. That's why it's called ArcFM Mobile!


What's the value of ArcFM Mobile to your organization?

  • A more productive workforce with fast, intuitive access to asset data on existing devices, anytime, anywhere
  • Accelerated collaboration between field and office personnel, reducing the effort to complete end-to-end workflows
  • A high return on investment from minimized administration of the solution and reduced operational costs in your business



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the features of ArcFM Mobile?


ArcFM Mobile supports Mobile Maps to make GIS available in the field:

  • Intuitive native apps for Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as iPad, so your workforce can access the GIS on their current devices and be productive with little or no training
  • Scalable offline maps capabilities, backed by the powerful ArcFM Sync Services, to support gigabytes of data and hundreds or thousands of users
  • Easy administration of offline content in a single configuration portal for both iPad and Windows users
  • Optimized asset viewing and identification, to make information instantly available to users regardless of connectivity
  • Screaming fast Google-style searches that recognize proximity to the user’s location, so users never wait for the most relevant results
  • One-click electric and gas tracing gives the workforce fast access to network information relevant to the safety and impact of their work


ArcFM Mobile also supports Mobile Workflows, enabling collaboration between office and field

  • ArcFM Mobile for Windows supports the workflow requirements of construction and maintenance crews:
    • Work location activation from external workforce apps, and turn-by-turn navigation to any location in the map, gets crews to the job site fast
    • Configurable redlining tools that can include the feature palettes of your choice, optionally including asset symbology
    • Fast, easy offline sketching so your workforce can communicate GIS corrections or as-builts without needing GIS knowledge or waiting for database transactions
    • ArcFM Desktop integration out-of-the-box so redlines are presented in near real-time for processing by GIS editors in the office
  • ArcFM Mobile for iPad provides data collection tools for inspectors and technicians:
    • Configurable data collection forms to support the specific work you need accomplished with minimal configuration effort
    • Photos and sketching, for clearer communication or inspection or other work results
    • Field data reporting and analysis, so managers and office personnel can quickly view and process results coming from the field



What devices does ArcFM Mobile support?


ArcFM Mobile supports Windows devices and iPads.  See GIS - Supported Versions - ArcFM Mobile for Windows andGIS - Supported Versions - ArcFM Mobile for iPad for more details.


Does ArcFM Mobile work when the mobile device is disconnected from the internet?


ArcFM Mobile supports caching of base maps and operational maps on the device, and syncing of incremental updates from the enterprise GIS to the device. In addition, ArcFM Mobile employs a lightweight, resilient process to sync work instruction, status, and results between field and office. The user can work disconnected as needed, and when reconnected his or her work activity edits are synced automatically to ArcFM Mobile services and available to the enterprise.


How can I get a demo of ArcFM Mobile?


Speak with your Account Manager or request a demo.



How do I get support for ArcFM Mobile?


Go to the GIS Support space here on exchange. Once you register for the site you will be able to log a case with our support team. You can review the FAQ – Logging a Case document for detailed information.