With Link 2014 officially behind us, it’s time to wrap up your Link Live! space in exchange. We are thrilled with this year’s 327 registered attendees (representing 94 unique companies) who, over the course of three days, were able to participate in 66 sessions organized in six distinct tracks. Over these same three days, the Embassy dished up more than 3000 meals that included at least one 5-gallon bucket of bourbon ice cream; this sweet treat will remain a fond memory for a handful fortunate folks able to partake during Wednesday’s lunch.


Our Link conference is an opportunity for our customers and partners not only to gather information but also to provide feedback about the Schneider Electric solutions. This year's conference was no exception, with product messages spanning Geospatial, Smart Grid and AMDS solutions. Critical Link 2014 messages are summarized below. 

  • Our top priority is to build and deliver tangible technology that brings business value and improves your work life.
  • We are 100% Utility focused and we will continue working to be your trusted advisor in this industry.
  • We acknowledge issues in Geospatial in 2013 and remain committed to actions underway to address them. 
  • We are dedicated to striking a balance between improving our core and investing in new products.
  • We are nurturing all our partner relationships, with emphasis on Esri and Microsoft as technology partners.
  • Your feedback is important, and we will continue to seek your feedback through site visits, phone calls, feedback surveys, product advisory groups, and exchange (your connected community). Our commitment to listening to you, our clients and partners, is demonstrated in our Feedback sessions that are the backbone of our conference.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our conference this year. It will go into the archives as a success.  With your help, we’ve raised the bar for our Link 2015 conference. Let the planning begin!