Opening day was a good balance of messages from the SE Leadership team and experiences shared by Schneider Electric customers.  Jon Leiferman, Jeff Meyers, and Ron Sznaider delivered Schneider Electric messages that shared a common theme: customer engagement and satisfaction come first.


Wayne Meyer,  GIS Manager for SCANA Corporation, delivered an outstanding presentation on “Celebrating Success”,

stressing that success is the result of the relationships established, fostered and developed over the course of your waynewithcaption.pngproject life (strong relationships within your utility and with your vendors are equally important).


He went on to share both the highs and lows of GIS implementations within SCANA over many years. His experiences delivering GIS serve as historical information that should resonate with everyone implementing information technology projects.  Wayne’s challenge to us all: change one thing about what you do at work that will have a positive impact.


New at this year’s Link was the Customer Panel Discussion, continuing the “Celebrating Successes” theme.  Our panelists included Matt Carter, Chief System Operator with Garland Power and Light; Greg Reinhardt, Manager of Projects and Systems Support for Nova Scotia Power; and Stewart Wilson, Supervisor, Designer Implementation for Powerstream.  This discussion, moderated by Schneider Electric’s Todd Moran, covered topics ranging from business drivers for GIS to critical challenges each faced during implementations, critical success factors, and plans for the future.  The panel carried forward Wayne’s message about the importance of relationships for successful projects.  And whether the utility was faced with 100 cm of snow or ¼ inch of ice, each crisis led to positive change within the utility, whether by the introduction of technology or the expansion of the community involved in technology.


The morning session ended with a recap of exchange, the connected community for our clients and partners. Our founding principal was to put our clients and partners at the center of everything we do, and that theme continues into 2014. We serve 6 critical business functions (Customer Support, Partner enablement, Product Ideation, Online Education, Events Education, and Developer Engagement),  in a unified collaborative community, with plans to introduce Project Collaboration later in 2014.  Our vision for 2015 includes the development of communities of practice, expanding the community for more meaningful networking and collaboration with your peers. Remember, none of us is as smart as all of us.  And there is power in peers.