This year at Link 2014 we are taking our got ideas initiative further; reaching higher.  Our goal is simple: through collaborative innovation, seek new, even radically new, opportunities to expand the value of our current product offerings.  Perhaps you've been frustrated with a product or feature that somehow misses the mark for you and you have a bright idea you feel would help make a critical difference.GotIdeasSmall.png Or maybe you've wondered if an existing product could be used for a purpose completely different from what it was intended. Powerful new ideas often come from simple but novel new twists—twists that can often best be conceived by those of you closest to the problem. We want to listen. To engage.


This year we have 12 eager SE employees—they'll all be wearing big green buttonswho are waiting for a tap on the shoulder.  Seek one of them out! Challenge us with your ideas, no matter how weird or wild you think they are!  Help us help you.

Missing Link this year? Don't hesitate to Submit Your Ideas here on exchange!