Welcome to Link Live!, something new we’re doing this year, as part of Link 2014. Link Live! will enhance the conference experience for everyone: our conference attendees and our clients and partners unable to join us in Loveland Colorado this year.  The concept is simple:  post regular conference updates to our Link 2014 space, ranging from opening day insights and session highlights, Marketplace pulse, real-time attendee feedback, even some @mentions for “best in show” snacks during our conference breaks.   link_live_banner_small.pngWith Link Live! , you’ll get it all, except the smell of the bowling alley during Wednesday Midnight Bowling! To take advantage of Link Live! make sure you are registered with exchange. Then all you need to do is follow the Link 2014 space and join the conversation.


Bring on the Backchannel

In conjunction with Link Live!  , we will be creating our Link Backchannel, a collection of resources featured in Link Live!, as well as content gleaned throughout the conference.  This is designed to be a resource for learning from our conference, even if you are unable to attend in person.  If you miss an update to Link Live! , don’t worry.  All our conference content will find its way to the Backchannel for late night reading.  Our backchannel is intended to fill the gap between Link 2014 and the publication of our official conference proceedings.