I am writing this in hopes of sharing what I have learned, regarding the creation of composite favorites.  What I have discovered:


1.  You must be in an editing session to edit favorites (either by opening a session in Session Manager, or by selecting Start Editing - from the Editor tool)

2.  While creating Composite Favorites within a sessions, relatable feature (points, lines, polygons, table, annotation) are all visible.

3.  Relationships are not maintained (whether previously established or not), when the composite of features are selected and the editing task to Create Composite Feature is selected. 

4.  Point and Line features will be available in the Composite Feature editing window, and can be related at that time.

5. Be strategic about the "parent" feature to which you choose to relate all other features - the ability to delete features from within a composite favorite, is sometimes desired - If a feature might potentially be deleted from the favorite (by the end user), you do not want it to be the 'parent' feature - deletion of a 'parent' feature will also delete all related features.

6.  Any previously created relationships of table records will be lost, within the Create Composite Favorite editing window.  Do not waste your time creating related table records within the feature(s) you are using as the source for your composite favorite.  Table record relationships can ONLY be created from within the Create Composite Favorite editing window.  Within the editing window, you will need to right-click on the potential table record relationship, and Create Related Object. 

7. While you are still in the Editing Session (in which you have created your Composite Favorite), all potential relationships will still be visible within each of the features associated with your Composite Favorite.  This means that after saving and closing the Composite Favorite window, selecting your newly created Composite Favorite, and expanding the Composite Favorite feature within the Attribute Editor's Features tab, you will see ALL potential relationships (i.e. even those that don't exist/aren't established). 

8. Only after saving changes to your Favorites, closing your edit session, and opening a new edit session, will the non-existing potential relationships be removed and made non-visible within the relationships of your composite favorite (when selected and viewed in the Attribute Editor Features tab).  However, they will be visible within the Composite Favorites Editing window, if you have selected to Edit the Composite Favorite. 

9.  This functionality between editing sessions, although confusing, is desirable.  It ensures the integrity of the originally created system favorite, by maintaining only the desired relationships of the creator.


Much of this was discovered via trial and error, on my part.  When I brought this functionality to the attention of Schneider Electric, they suggested that this might be a bug that could potential be fixed in a future release.  I explained to them that I did not view this as a bug.  This IS the preferred functionality, as originally designed by Televent.  I simply encouraged them to include documentation of this functionality in their Help topics.  I hope my posting of this material will save other users the frustration and time invested on my part. 




Eric Rogers

Pacific Gas & Electric

Expert Business System Specialist