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On ArcFM Solution Resource Center I have looked for connectivity trace. And I have found ConnectivityTrace Class which having some methods and properties. Please find the attached snap shot.


But when have downloaded and installed ArcFM Solution SDK for 10.2.1a, I have found all methods and some properties are missing.


Kindly help me in this regard. Why these methods and properties have not exposed in this SDK version.

I’ve got multiple cable features available in Fiber Cable feature class.  Now I would like to create the associated Buffer Tubes and associated Fibers for all of the Cables.  Instead of manually creating I would like to automate it through a piece of code.  In the process I was searching in Fiber Manager API for the appropriate Classes, but no luck. Can anybody have a clue on what classes/interfaces available for creating Buffer Tubes/Fibers.  By the way, I’m working on 10.2.1a.




In data Fiber cable is serving services like Radio, CCTV, SDH etc. Is nothng but a media which is used for transmitting the data  from one Sub-station to another Sub-station.


Kindly let me know how I can show this data information of services in circuit manager.